Just shooting weddings... 

Weddings could be informal or have crazy themes, perhaps they're extravagant,

have stunningly beautiful locations or rural pastures both in England and for that matter Europe!


Clients might have dogs, horses or even lion cubs as guests, not forgetting the human variety,

to spice things up a little.


I have perhaps covered most bases in 30 over years of shooting well over 1000+ amazing wedding ceremonies

but never cease to be amazed at the constant inventiveness and ideas of my clients.

So why use Nigel for my wedding photography?

My passion for covering such an important day burns deeply for, as a photographer,

I'm responsible for being the prime recorder or scribe, charged with creating a body of work,

shooting compelling story lines that make a wedding day such an extraordinary event,

that can bring about both emotion and laughter in equal quantity, such is the power of photography.

My experience also means that I am calm under pressure, relaxed when the heavens open,

Ill know the best possible options available to both help and make the very best of the day photographically.

Have you been to our chosen wedding location.

I've visited many stunning locations over the years, from the Amalfi Coast in Italy, to The London Eye, 

Leeds Castle, Eastwell Manor, Hever Castle, Turkey Mill, Rochester Cathedral, The Ritz Hotel, The Savoy Hotel,

Royal Society of Arts, Wentworth Golf Club, Sandhurst Military Academy, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, 

Literally hundreds of Churches and Chapels of all shapes and sizes, Stately Homes, all sorts of

Castles or Hotels scattered throughout Kent and the home counties, Phew!

It's important to know that I might carefully suggest the best wedding photo vantage points, taking into account,

 weather, sun direction and shade conditions, on rare occasions if I have not visited the marriage location,

I will take out time to visit and explore the building and extended grounds.

Are you a traditional photographer?

My work has always evolved, fashion styles certainly continue to

change year upon year, it's good to be at the cutting edge of expectations!

My photography in turn develops along with my clients' ideas and belief.

Wedding Photography can be as individual and unique as your personality,

showing, daring, Informality & constant innovation.

I aim for the most part to capture the unposed moment, mixed with a slice of artistic innovation.

There are no large heavy tripods to worry about that slow the momentum down, I often shoot,

Quickly and spontaneously to match the mood swings and settings of the day.

There are so may photographers with competing styles, why pick you.

My style can be described in five words: Informal, Creative, Innovative, Passionate and Contemporary!

These five themes have propelled my work and increased the scope of clients' ideas.

I work extremely hard on your day to produce fresh, vibrant, natural and original wedding images.

I don't copy the work of other photographers or ever use the same tired, cloned, repetitive soundbites that

might justify their style!

The knock-on effect means that I generate exciting spontaneous pictures, but it also extends to

the careful thought and processing of digital images through the Mac, invoking a very natural look to the day, with pleasing subtle contrasts colours & Hues, many hours are spent optimising all of the photo's taken. 

Are you suitably qualified as a photographer.

I am a full time professional photographer around 75% of my work involves shooting funky exciting

 wedding days in all their glory in just about any location that clients send me.

I strictly shoot one wedding a day, sinking energy and enough enthusiasm into every part of the events.

As a Kent wedding photographer, I find that many wedding days require around 10 hours coverage.

I gained the distinction, L.M.P.A,  L.R.P.S,  L.B.I.P.P,  L.S.W.P.P,  many years ago at the start of my career

However I rapidly came to the conclusion that clients really value you far more for your style of work and

 Perhaps not quite so much, as to how many paper qualifications you might hold. 

How long do you keep my wedding digital photos for and are they safe,  the technical and nerdy bit!

Digital images need to be very carefully looked after, if you decide to purchase a memory stick 

as an alternative to a magazine style wedding album, its most important that you make back up copy of your

treasured images either from your PC as soon as possible,

We take our clients image safety very seriously and routinely hold tens of thousands of photographic

Wedding day images at any one time, archiving wedding photos safely for up to 10 years from the ceremony date

To make your images 100% secure we employ four distinct methods of back up to give you piece of mind.

  1. All images are initially backed up from the camera SD cards to our Mac Pro.

  2. We then copy the images again to a four drive NAS raid array system.

  3. After completion we send another copy of the images to the Amazon cloud drive.

4, and finally a final back up is made to a 'Sandisk' SSD Studio drive for good measure.



My work has been published in a number of bridal magazines both local and national.

and featured in both the Daily Mirror and Guardian newspapers & ITV.

More recently, Nikon cameras have displayed my work to celebrate their

100th company anniversary.

Think and be Original! 

Visionaire.org.uk   (01622) 438519  or  07973  224129

         Bearsted, Maidstone Kent, UK

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