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Pretty much after leaving school, way back now!

After a stint at art college, I began my first full time role 

shooting mostly archaeological bric-a-brac, from 

Neolithic flints, Roman pots and lots of old bones!

As time passed I started shooting more fashion and commercial images 

for advertising agencies. 

The work was diverse, ranging from, Cars, to Food, Room Sets and Products.

But as time went by I began to feel that human warmth was missing from my images.


So, in 1990, I finally immersed himself headlong into wedding capture, but at the same

time styling my work to be genuinely creative and refreshing and perhaps different.

'I enjoy dancing a line between informality

and creativity,

Fusing a documentary natural style

with fresh Innovation!

I live to work, striving to get the best from my clients on their special day.



Wedding work has been featured in a number of media.

More recently, a number of wedding images were used by Nikon cameras for their 100th anniversary company

European celebration movie.

 In 2023 I was ranked as one of the top 100 Photographers in the United Kingdom. 

by international Wedding Website

 In a long career I've been fortunate enough to have visited weddings in some of the most beautiful and exotic locations

From London's Ritz hotel to the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Each location giving me a great opportunity to add something compelling and different.

Published work featured in, You and Your Wedding magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride magazine, 

Kentish Wedding magazine, Hudsons wedding venues book, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and Guardian Newspapers, 

Brides and Your Kent Wedding Magazines.

My artistic photographs are marketed through the Saatchi gallery in single or limited editions.

Alamy are my international agents for stock photography.

Outside of photography, I enjoy keeping fit, mostly failing miserably of course, but with all good intentions!

The Arts, Real Coffee, Wine and single malt Whisky 

(In strict moderation).

I'm a typical foodie, with a preference for strong spicy dishes, Thai, Indian and Nepalese being firm favourites, 

although a good traditional roast with a good ozzy red will always take some beating!

Ably supported by my long suffering partner Lauren who manages to cope with my constant art photography banter!

and amazing daughter, forever my best critic...

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