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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding your wedding photographer is without doubt one of the most nerve wrecking but essential steps of planning your special day, they will share your experiences with you every step of the way, so it's important that you can find someone to share your vision & connect up and feel comfortable with.


Can we Schedule a Consultation?

Certainly!. I always meet up with new clients for a free consultation over coffee this is the best way of getting to know each other, identifying your needs and to help with any questions or concerns that you may have


What are the steps to possibly book you

First of all get in touch using the online contact form to initially learn more about

our packages, the range of charges and our availability for the day.

Your ideas and thoughts colour schemes and design .

We endeavour to respond to you within 24 hrs. 


How many images do you take during the course of the day and how long will it take to receive our photographs

A great question, It can really depends on the size and location of your wedding ,

but to give a rough idea the number taken can often be

between, 650 - 850++ images.

If you elect a memory stick as your chosen package we will be able to complete your order usually within 21 working days.

Wedding albums can take a little longer as we offer a luxury bespoke

design service for each album.


Are you professionally insured

I have been professionally insured against any photographic mishap since 1989,

and take every conceivable measure to ensure that there are no technical problems or software malfunction on such an important day.

We carry at least two of everything and constantly monitor cameras and other equipment to ensure that the finished photographs are the optimal best that the equipment can deliver.


Are you available for destination Weddings

Yes most certainly, I have completed a number of wedding bookings in

other parts of the world and have enjoyed it immensely.

Please enquire about our charges. 


We love your style, it's different and refreshing but do you still take photographs of family and friends.

Yes, I take the normal group images, couple with various family and good friends in addition to our modern style

Innovation Through Imagination

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