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Eastwell Manor

Wedding Photographer at

Eastwell Manor Kent

Eastwell Manor was built between 1540 and 1550 and set within 3000 acres,  if you enjoy, lavish stunning and elegant in every sense of the word than you will certainly the delights of Eastwell.

Through its historical architecture and oak panelled reception rooms, the manor house sits at the end of a tree lined drive. 

The beautifully designed well kept gardens are visually stunning all year round, truly a photographers delight as there is simply so much opportunity to take advantage off. 

Eastwell epitomises luxury a plenty for those with high expectations!


We have visited Eastwell many times over the years through snow to high summer,

I photographed the first civil wedding in Kent at this venue and have come to appreachiate it's many classical charms

We have attended their bridal shows and have received past recommendations from the venue for our

wedding photography part in the day.

I would recommend a visit!


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